Streaming service for online seminars, master classes, tutorials and webinars

Earn money on streams

If the audience likes your stream, they will give you tips which you can withdraw.

More than 500,000 users

Thanks to the large audience on our platform, you will be able to receive subscribers and fans without additional marketing expenses.

Online and YouTube streams

In addition, to live streams, you can also stream previously recorded YouTube clips.

Video chat and an interactive TV

Using our video chat, you will be able to communicate with your audience while streaming, answer their questions or read their comments. You can also participate in a video conference with your viewers.

“Lead and earn” referral system

If you are inviting viewers from your sites, you will always receive a 30% cut from the sum of their future payments even if you are no longer streaming with us. You have a personalized dashboard that will help you to check a list of invitations and their activities.

Streaming schedule

If you stream regularly and consistently, you may put out a schedule for your viewers so that they may know when to expect your next appearance.

Providing services for viewers

You can provide paid consulting services, have songs ordered, as well be rewarded for shootouts and greetings live. You will be provided with a nice interface for this purpose

Free recording of your video streams

Your viewers will be able to see a recording of your stream in their newsfeed. In addition, to live footage. This will increase the number of views multiple times. Also, it is easy to download the video footage of your stream to upload it to your YouTube channel or to simply delete it.

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