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Next generation video chat. The chat is filled with positive emotions, flirting, and attractive girls. We are continuously monitoring it, and we do not allow anyone under 18 while protecting you from the offensive content. Moreover, you can add unpleasant users to your own mute and ban list. Thanks to this, we are comfortable with inviting new users to our platform.

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The app not only supports webcam streaming but Youtube and VK videos as well. All you have to do is find a random clip you like, and you can watch it simultaneously with others while commenting the plot and characters. You can even put up polls and discuss it with your stream viewers.

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Here you can play those good old console games for free. You can even play co-op games with someone miles away from you. Dozens of people will watch and comment your gameplay process. It is the coolest video chat addition we ever made!

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Lovely stickers and emoticons. Our talented artists made loads of charming and hilarious stickers because there are times when a single timely sticker can say that much more than a wall of text. Some of our users even communicate exclusively via stickers! Flirting with girls was never this easy and carefree. But of course, for all the old-school emoticon users, we have a selection of the most popular ones.

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Your studio and tv channel. If you are a talented manager with excellent organizational skills, you can form a team of like-minded people and create your tv studio. You will be able to control the users, assign them duties, and choose a budget. You can craft your unique streaming style, and your logo will be seen by thousands of users. Be persistent, and your studio may become the first step towards your tv channel.

Back in the day, there was a notion that one needs an insane amount of money to create a tv channel. The times have changed, and now you can do it for free. We are continually improving the service, but the current features are quite sufficient. Also, we are providing you with a starting audience and ability to make your own money. You can make money from user tips, by fulfilling orders from the audience, and of course, you can earn from advertising, showing ads in a chat, or by uploading recorded shows on YouTube.

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The best way to meet new people! The usual texting is quite out of date at this point, and it cannot provide the intimacy you get from video chatting. You will meet new girls from other cities, even other countries easier than ever! Meet, discuss news, and share impressions. To make things more interesting, don’t forget the breadth of options available to you and the person you are chatting. For example, you can go to a virtual date, and even organize a romantic dinner with candles. Engage your imagination, your webcam, and the physical distances will disappear. Amazing!

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